I Am Free!

So, as many of you know, I started the Couch to 5K running plan today. I can’t even begin to explain why I’ve decided to do this. I H-A-T-E to run. Can’t tell you strongly enough how much I hate it.

But, I’m terribly out of shape, and when I ran across this last week, I KNEW that I needed to do this. I need to be in shape to live the life I want to and to feel better about myself. And for whatever reason, this is the way God put in my path.

So I laced up the shoes this morning, turned on the iPod, and started walking. 5 minute brisk walk – sure, I can do that. Except that the very small hill at Armstrong Park made my legs feel it, and I had just started. Yikes.

I counted through the first 7 “run” intervals. Only time I stopped to walk (not that there was any difference in my pace btn the walking and running) was interval 3 when my iPod slipped out of my waistband, through my underwear, and was in danger of going down my leg. Sorry if that’s TMI.

The “Go” signal for run 8 came RIGHT AT THE BOTTOM OF THE HILL. Crap. This is not a big hill, mind you, but running for the first time since high school – well, it got the best of me. I walked at least half of it.

I finished the whole workout, and sat down on a bench. I was not feeling great, proud, nothing. Just glad that I have some friends who have agreed to do this with me – because if I didn’t, I don’t know if I would go back. I turned my iPod to my “Gayle” playlist – music from Gayle Roswarski’s funeral – and it started into “The Words I Would Say.” The chorus was encouraging –

Be strong in the Lord
Never give up hope
You’re gonna do great things, I already know

OK – I know, I thought. His power working through me will help me to accomplish this. His great power that raised Christ from the dead is in me. I CAN DO THIS.

I walked to the van. Took a sip of water. And thought “I can’t do this. Why am I doing this? This is crazy. I don’t want to come back in two days and do it again.”

I started up the car, and started driving away…and forgot to put my glasses back on. Remembered when I saw the police car in the parking lot and thought “that looks fuzzy.” I was that out of it.

I turned up the volume on the radio, and immediately, “I am Free” – great song by the Newboys – started. Here are the beginning lyrics of that one:

Through You the blind will see
Through You the mute will sing
Through You the dead will rise

OK, another reminder that the power of the Holy Spirit – which made the blind see, the mute sing, the dead rise, the lame walk – it’s inside of me. If the blind can see, the lazy can surely run.

But then it got to the chorus, and all I could think was “God, you really do have a sense of humor.” For the first 2 lines of the chorus are…

“I Am Free to Run!”

OK I get it, God, and I’ll be back out there on Thursday.


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