An Inconvenient Truth

So Wednesday was the last day of kids’ choir at our church.  To end the year, the wonderful choir directors plan  party to just let the kids have fun with music and with each other.

For this year, I’ve had a great carpool partner, and for the last few months, she has been taking my daughter to choir after school.  This is very convenient, because our church is across town.  I know that it’s not really THAT far, but at 3:30 when you’re contemplating dinner, homework, and swimming still to come that evening, it seems far.

So, the schedule last week was slightly different, and it caused an hour gap between school and choir.  My carpool partner – very understandably – decided to just have her kids skip the party and come home after school.  She called me and told me she would just bring my daughter home.  I said that was fine – and thought I’d convince her that she didn’t really need to go to her party.

When she got home, she was already a bit upset when she walked in the door.  When I started to mention not going, I immediately had tears.  I was annoyed.  I was in the middle of something “more important.”  (Who knows what it was?)  I didn’t want to drive across town.  I didn’t want to occupy myself on the west side for an hour while she was there, and it’s too far to come back home and go back.  So I went from annoyance to all-too-visible frustration.

And then, I knew.  I was the one who had encouraged her to sing in the choir as a way to worship God.  But more importantly – this was something that was very clearly important to her, even if I didn’t understand exactly why it was such a big deal.  And I love my daughter.  And isn’t that one of the ways we demonstrate love to one another – by making a priority of things that are important to those we dearly love?

So, I stopped my attitude in its tracks, and we jumped in the car.

As we were driving up 231, I felt the check in my spirit from the Father.  “You say you love me.  Do you make a priority of the things that are important to me?”

Over the last couple of months, a recurring theme I’ve been thinking of is that I just don’t serve others very well.  I serve in a “corporate” way at church, but to actually serve a single person…I’m just not very good at that.  To go into a nursing home, or face a homeless person, etc – well, not something I’m eager to do.  I have a thousand excuses – mostly around too many other things to do – and how it’s inconvenient and uncomfortable.  Mostly serving and reaching out to others is something that stays in the “good intentions” area of my life.  I think and talk about doing it – but it never hits the top of the priority list.

Yet, I am called to do it, and it’s greatly important to the Father.  He left us on earth to be His hands and feet to the least of these around us.

Serving Him and those He loves isn’t about what’s convenient – it’s about doing it simply because it’s important to Him.  If we will allow His great love for us to truly fill us, and feel the power of that, we won’t be able to help but make it a priority.

Something I’ve still really got to work on.


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    Kim H said,

    What a powerful lesson…

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