A Perfect Example

Sports is a big part of our lives these days.  I’d venture that the majority of us have at least one child practicing and playing at least one sport throughout the year.

I’ve been around soccer for many years with Andrew, my 14-year-old stepson.  He started “travel” soccer at age 7.  We’ve seen lots of games.  And year by year, as he’s grown older, we’ve seen it become more competitive.

How can I tell it’s more competitive?  Sure, by the talent we see on the field.  But mostly – from the tempers that flash from the players and the parents on the sidelines.  I have to give credit to the coaches; most of them keep themselves together.  But for parents who are instinctively protective, it’s no-holds-barred when it comes to yelling at the opposite team or a ref when they see something they don’t like.

Even if you’re not a baseball fan, I’m guessing you’ll hear today about the Detroit Tigers pitches who was denied a perfect game.  Quite frankly, the 1st-base umpire just blew a call.  You can see it on YouTube – there’s no question that at the final out of the game, the batter hits a ground ball and is thrown out at first base.  And the ump calls him safe.

The way that Armando Galarraga responds is beautiful.  He smiles.  He doesn’t throw a tantrum; he just acknowledges that no one is perfect.  He gives that umpire wonderful grace, and celebrates in his heart that he knows he just pitched a perfect game.  He did his job, and that’s enough for him.

As I send my kids out onto the playing field, he’s the perfect example for my kids for his depth of character, his graciousness.  It’s a spirit that I would love to see pervade youth sports.

For a similar perspective, and a link to the video, see here:

Teel time – dailypress.com


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    Kelli said,

    We have often avoided organized sports for our oldest child just because of the behavior we have seen from coaches and parents while we watched games that our friends or families children played in.

    What a wonderful example for our children, and for US! Not many people could have just accepted it, and not let it effect his attitude or game. We need more role models like this in sports today. Loved reading about it.

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