A Crazy Cycle

Does this exercise cycle sound familiar to you?

1.  Think for a long time about how you need to exercise more.

2.  Finally, something gets you going.  First day is hard, but you’re feeling good that you started.

3. Sheer perseverance keeps you going, and it starts to feel good and you want to do it.

4. It starts to feel great, and you think “Why did it take me so long to start doing this?”

5. Some minor interruption happens (company visits, illness, vacation, etc.)

6.  Exercise habit is stopped in its tracks.

7. Back to #1.

Sound familiar at all?  I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me, and it is frustrating!  It doesn’t seem to matter how long the #4 stage happens – if I’ve done it consistently for a week, a month, or even a year.  I can so easily get off track.

This weekend, my husband and I had the chance to experience FamilyLife’s Weekend to Remember.  It was a wonderful chance to get away together and really focus on our marriage – the good parts and the “needs improvement” parts.

One of the major “ah-ha” moments – and it wasn’t exactly news – is that again, we’ve drifted away from carving out time to be “us.”  Way too much of our time is spent on the kids, outside pursuits (work, volunteering, etc) and we just take one another for granted.  And I realized that we’ve been through the “exercise cycle” when it comes to taking time for one another.  We know we need to do it – it feels GREAT when we get in the habit – and somehow life intervenes and we stop.

Then yesterday I spoke with a friend about needing the discipline of a structured Bible study to really spend the time with God that I want to.  And wouldn’t you know – that SAME crazy cycle came up in our conversation?

Where do you see that crazy cycle in your life?  Exercise, eating right, relationships, organizational habits, etc.  And if you’ve been successful in eliminating the cycle and making some permanent lifestyle changes, I’d love to hear how!

(And if you’re wondering – no, I haven’t broken the running habit.  I’m in the middle of Week 6 of C25K!  Although I will confess that I skipped out on The Shred today due to my cold…)

Finally, I can’t say enough about Weekend to Remember.  We went with 3 other couples, and all 8 of us are in solid agreement that it has set us on a new trajectory for our marriages.  It’s that good.  If you need the chance to reconnect with your spouse, go RIGHT NOW and find when the next conference will be near you.  It is so worth the investment.  (And if you decide to do it – before you register, contact me for a group code that will give you a big discount!)


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  1. 1

    Nicole McClanahan said,

    L –

    CJ and I went to Weekend to Remember when I was pregnant with #2. It does give you a chance to reconnect. I bet experiencing it with other couples would have been nice as well.

    As far as the exercise goes, here is what works for me. The more you workout, the more you WANT to workout. Your body will crave it. If you can just drag yourself to do something/anything for 15 minutes, you will be on your way to completing a 30 minute workout that day. Having someone to be accountable to is a great motivator as well. CJ will sometimes force me to go, kicking and screaming, b/c he knows it is important to me and I’ll feel better afterwards. I have never once come back from one of these ‘hard to get to’ workouts wishing I had NOT gone. They are always worth it. We have a bunch of neighbors that also belong to our gym, so we try to hold each other accountable as well. And, a little guilt goes a long way! Excercise buddies, or at least those you talk about exercise with really do help.

    Love your posts! Tried to RSS, but can’t get it to work. Keep posting on FB please. 🙂

    • 2

      lgiltmier said,

      I have 2 great running partners that keep me going…I’d never be this far without them! For the most part, schedules don’t allow us to actually run together, but we are very aware of what we’re all doing! A bit harder is the “off-running” days, but I’m finding that my body IS starting to crave the activity. (Except today!) What has always frustrated me is how easily I can break a great habit I’ve worked hard to establish. And recognizing that it’s a pattern in my life – well, admitting it is the first step, right? 🙂

  2. 3

    Hi Leanna! I just read through most of your posts! So fun to read. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work with your running, too. I’m still figurin this whole blog thing out. It looks like I’m going to be signed in here under my blog name. I’ll have to figure out how to change that so my friends will know who I am (somehow get it to say Kim @ Keeping These Things. Anyway…I’ll look forward to keeping up with your life again through blogging!


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