Thankfulness, Day 2


When you look for things to be thankful for, somehow you don’t notice all the other “stuff” that tries to get in your way.

My house is just as messy, my to-do list just as long.  And yet I’m not dwelling there.

I’m dwelling on the beauty of the day and of my friends, and the simple blessings I take for granted.

And it does indeed bring lots more joy.


I am thankful…

6. For being part of a circle of women who when they see a need – they respond.  Simple as that.

7. For the simple blessings of knowing where I will lay my head at night and that I will have food to eat.

8. For knowing that I’ll share both of those with my beautiful family.

9. For a husband who always put family and home head of work and career.

10. For the stunning beauty and endless variety of this earth.

11. For moments in time this week when the best use of my time was to sit and soak up the sunshine.  (Kindle in hand of course.)

12. For aching muscles that feel good and friends who make me go and get them that way. 🙂



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