I’m thankful for my iPod.

It’s true.  Steve Jobs’ passing had me pondering this.  I’m less thankful for the iPhone and iPad.

Maybe this sounds sacrilegious or completely out of place in this series of posts – in this season of life.

But as I heard my daughter blasting her music in her room yesterday, I truly am grateful for the device.  Grateful that for right now – when her opinions and tastes are being formed – that I can “control” the music in her ears, and she lets me because she thinks it is really cool to have the gadget.

Raised in the days where you had to push “forward” and “rewind” to get to the next song, I appreciate it for me too – because I can take the iPod to the spot where God says “This is the one you need to hear right now.”

Christian contemporary music isn’t perfect.  Sometimes the songs have a bit more “me” in them; the songs are sung by broken people just like us, and there’s temptation to shift our focus to the singer, not the subject.

But having my daughter cultivate a taste for this music over the songs promoting boys, drugs, alcohol, money on the Top 40 station – priceless.

The iPhone and iPad – not so much.  Mainly because at times they drive me to envy, to materialistic wants that simply don’t glorify God.  Nothing wrong with them…but maybe my personal world would be better without having them to want.


I’m thankful for…

14. The introspection that might take place as people around the world consider the legacy of Steve Jobs and his unrelenting pursuit of his passion.  Perhaps many more will consider “What am I here for?” and find their answer in Christ.

15. The joy of hearing my daughter belt out her favorite tunes.  You know that saying “Dance like no one is watching?”  She sings like no one is listening.

16. The beautiful tree-lined streets on my route to/from the kids’ school.

17. A husband who didn’t give up on gently pushing me to do something I needed to do.

18. Beautiful fall evenings with my family.

19. A few moments where my kids just enjoyed laughing and having fun together more than annoying one another and fighting.

20. Of course for my iPod.


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    I in total agreement. For our anniversary my hubby and I are getting each other an iHome so we can listen the the music we choose, as well as podcasts (like Focus on the Family) that WE choose for our family. Great post!

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