Fall beauty


I’m just thankful for the beauty of this day.  We took a drive to get some apples out at Skiles Farm Market.  The trees along 26 were gorgeous!

I needed the beauty of the day, because it turned into a bit of a challenge in the parenting department.  And yet with the visible reminder (above) to find something to be thankful for – I looked for the good.  And I’m easily reminded that I’m not alone in raising my kids.  Not sure what I’d do without my heavenly Father to guide me.  Or to bring grace when I screw it up.



I’m thankful for…

21. The incredible beauty of an Indian summer day.

22. Farmers.  Their endless hard work enables us to enjoy such bounty!

23. Particularly Farmer Nate.  Each week I love seeing the face of the man who works so hard to provide us with fabulous vegetables all summer long!  I appreciate the chance to show my kids a bit about how food shows up on their table, too.

24. Soccer coaches who show up every week and work to educate  and lead our kids, even when they’re frustrated.

25. That I’m not in this parenting thing alone, even when I’m alone for the weekend.

26.  I thank God that He knows my children way better than I do, and that He’s willing to listen and to provide guidance – if I remember to ask.


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