Cut to the chase…covering a lot of ground


Wow. I intentionally took Sunday off, and Monday got away from me. And now it’s 1AM and I’m going to spend all day tomorrow making apple pies. So I’m cutting to the chase…

I’m thankful…

27. that though we all fall short, the story doesn’t end there.

28.  that God delights in not just forgiving, but restoring and bringing something beautiful from the ashes.

29. that I don’t have it to do it all on my own…in fact He likes it much better when I let him have control.

30. for homemade applesauce

31. that my kids think it’s a huge treat to have it in their lunches

32. that my daughter is excited about glasses…even though I know she’ll hate them at some point

33.  for seeing God’s work and timing come together in a friend.  totally brought tears to my eyes.

34. for driveway conversations – covering a LOT of ground. 🙂

35. for the unexpected grace of seeing a friend for a few moments in the optometrist’s waiting room

36. that something we’ve been waiting for is finally starting to move.

37. that we can trust that whatever it moves toward is right where God wants us, even if it turns out to be something different than what we think we want

I could go on for a while, but my bed is calling my name.

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