Sweet silence.

I crammed a lot into today – including an unexpected nap. 🙂  What I loved most about it is that I woke up naturally.  With the arguing around here lately, it surprises me that I wasn’t awakened by squabbling children.  The silence was a sweet sound to my ears.

I wonder if that same kind of silence would be pleasing to God if I ever gave him the chance.  I think I spend more time jabbering, and sometimes squabbling, than being silent with Him.  Of course I’m ever grateful that He neither sleeps nor slumbers.  Because I wasn’t really all that available for my kiddos this afternoon. 🙂

I’m thankful …

38. for an unexpected nap

39. that I’m not claustrophobic – MRI’s are a bit creepy!

40. for the many many volunteers that show up to make apple pies

41. for sweet conversation with some apple pie volunteers

42. for a God who never sleeps nor slumbers.  He is always watching over me.

43. for librarians who have more patience than mom with a boy who “can’t find anything to read”


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