For friends…near and far


I’ve been thinking a lot about my friends today.  We’ve lived a lot of places – and people in those places have moved a lot of places.  So I have friends in a LOT of places.

From a picture of my college friend’s beautiful baby boy to the friend who “Hooray-ed” me for showing up to work out this morning to the friend I’d feel weird if I didn’t talk to every day to the friend I’d give anything to find a weekend to get away with to friends across the country just because we share a love for MOPS, I’m blessed beyond measure.

Which is a bit humbling because I am NOT the best friend ever.  That same overwhelm that prompted this thankfulness journey steals a lot from my friendships because I start to hole up.  And not call to keep in touch. And not send gifts/cards – my best intentions stop at just that – intentions.

So today I’m thankful for…

53. Friends who “hooray” for me

54. Friends’ dreams who come true

55. Friends who are friends even when you don’t talk for a long while

56. Friends who share a calling to serve other moms

57. Friends who care about the details of life – even when they are boring. 🙂

58. Friends who challenge me in a loving way because they make me THINK.

59. Friends who challenge me simply because they are great at reaching out to others

60. Mostly for friends who give me grace and mercy even when I’m really bad at this friendship thing.

61. a loving God that knows women need other women to be the best women, wives, moms, leaders, and Christ-followers we can be and is gracious to provide them in many forms and many places.


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