Just the list.

Short and simple since it’s after midnight.  I’m thankful…

44. for those universal topics that you can laugh with or commiserate about with any woman/mom – even if you just met her.

45. that I don’t have to have cortisone shots every day.  Ouch!

46. that I don’t have to have knee surgery.  But I may need another reason to lay around for a few days and let my family take care of me.

47. for godly men and women and time spent with them

48. for  a dog that just makes me lol sometimes

49. that my boy won’t leave for school in the morning without a hug from his mom

50. for friends that don’t think I’m totally wacky for selling apples out of the back of my van in the church parking lot

51. for Megan having a friend that makes her shriek in sheer delight when she sees her

52. that the health department doesn’t visit private kitchens.  I might get shut down this week.



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