Thankfulness, again. For grace.


This post has been in “draft” status for a long time.  You can squint and see the date on the picture.  My commitment to intentional thankfulness – a bit off the track.  Funny that as I sat in church on Sunday, our pastor quoted the exact Scripture that got me started on this in the first place – Psalm 13.

I will tell you I have still been more mindful of all of his gifts.  But as I sat in church, I knew that God had specifically told me that this journey was about expressing my gratitude, not just being grateful.  For whatever reason, I’m supposed to write during this journey, not just think.

An interesting thing happened last week – very related.  I got an email from a MOPS staff member, asking if I wanted to write an article for an email going out to leaders in November.  They wanted something on gratitude, thankfulness, etc.  And my first reaction?  “I’m too busy to to do that.”  HELLO??? I’m in the middle of a season of writing about thankfulness, and I’m “too busy” to do it for someone else?  I quickly reconsidered. 🙂

It seems everyone I turn these last few days, I’m confronted with something I’m not doing well, and then I’m just as quickly brought a reminder of His beautiful grace.  The grace that loves me even when I’m wrong.  Grace that rejoices with the tiniest of victories He sees in me – not just the big stuff.  Grace that is there waiting for me if I’ll just notice.

And so as many of my friends begin their “month of thankfulness” on Facebook, I am back to my writing journey.  Random lists for a few days here, because I’ve got lots of catching up to do.

I’m thankful for…

68. the delight of my children in trick-or-treating

69. a husband who delights to be part of his children’s fun

70. good friends and traditions

71. a friend who just feels “like home” for my daughter, even as life circumstances take them apart on a daily basis

72. cozy blankets as the weather turns cool

73. the delighted shrieks of children echoing through the hills during a beautiful fall hike

74. the splendor of fall

75. the warm crackle of an outdoor fire

76. health

77. God’s sense of humor

78. His grace

79. His patience with me

80. friends who need nothing but some simple food and conversation


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