An extra Saturday

Is there anything better than spending the day thinking it is Saturday, only to do discover that TOMORROW is Saturday?  That I’ve gained an extra day with my family, and that I’m finally feeling healthy enough to enjoy it?!  And even better – the grace that some plans changed, and we have the weekend to enjoy with no definite plans!

91. an extra long weekend with my family – with no plans

92. the sweet irony that my child who had trouble with making friends because of his speech issues now has a secret language with his group of friends

93. the last mug of Dog-n-Suds root beer for the season

94. a dog who comes home when he could run away and explore

95. finally feeling hungry again

96. that in a week I was sick, my only “to-do” that couldn’t be put off was to pick up my kids from school

97. that I get to pick up my kids from school every day

98. that I have a carpool partner who will take my kids to school every morning so that I don’t have to be out and about by 7:30 AM

99. for the fun of game night – Dominoes was tonight’s choice

100. for a God who delights in giving us all gifts – great and small


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