For family. And health. And lessons.

All the things that are important to me…except I really need to add something that represents my husband.  And the L is for fun – I’d like “self” to not be as important as the other things here.

What a lovely weekend.  A weekend with no plans – it’s rare in this household, and it’s treasured.  We worked on some projects, played games, ate Dog n Suds, enjoyed some time with friends.

And then heard some unthinkable news about a sweet friend of Megan’s.  She’s on a lifeline flight to Riley.  We don’t know details, but don’t need them to know this could be very bad.

And so I realize that I just don’t hug my kids enough (they probably wouldn’t agree – I am a hugger).  That I take way too many things for granted.  That I need to cherish every moment, because you never know what might change in the next one.

It took me back a few weeks to when Brett was in the hospital for a minor procedure.  Nothing serious – but watching him in that hospital gown, and listening to them take his health history where they asked him a thousand questions that made me realize how many things COULD be wrong – it freaked me out a bit.  That same feeling last night.

Thankfully, this sweet girl has turned a major corner, and hopefully it will all come down to a severe concussion that will heal.  But I pray that as the injury passes, the lesson won’t.

I’m thankful for:

101. for family game time. I don’t love the card table taking up the empty floor space in the family room, but I love that it calls to my children to initiate family time.

102. for a boy that hasn’t yet realized it’s not cool to wants lots of hugs and snuggles.

103. for a girl that is starting to realize it, but still tolerates and sometimes embraces a giant hug or morning snuggle.

104. for the joy of watching my children jump and bury themselves in leaves.

105. for the joy of watching my kids rake and feel accomplishment from it.

106. for a husband who willingly and ably takes care of our home.

107. for a husband who still loves me as much as when he married me – even though he now knows what he was getting into.

108. for the health of my family and extended familly

109. for the God who holds us all in his hands.

110. for lessons learned, even in scary moments.


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