For community and technology.

Say what you will about technology.  About Facebook.  Add Pinterest and email and Google Reader into this mix, and yes – it can be an addiction.

But for all the perils of lost time, lost privacy, lost face to face contact – God uses ALL THINGS for good.

This week was such a poweful reminder.   When my friend Ann posted to Facebook that her dear daughter was being lifelined to Riley, there was instant response.  Within a few hours, hundreds of people (at least) were lifting this beautiful family in prayer.

Can you imagine how long that might have taken with just a phone?

And believe what you will about the power of prayer – I know that it is effective – but this family felt God’s presence in these scary moments in a powerful way.  And even the “ding” of a new text or Facebook notification was a steady, continual reminder that they were not alone.

While today’s society has us acting as individuals instead of community more than ever before, its tools can also serve to bring us back together in ways we wouldn’t always think of.

Today, I am thankful:

111. for K’s safety and healing

112. for the doctors and nurses who took care of her

113. for the way God is using this experience to bring this family closer to him and to one another

114. for the drama and humor of 4th grade girls ( “ya I know, but seriously enough of the drama mom”)

115. technology that serves us for good

116. the way we can go deeper with one another when we are face to face because the “little stuff” is already out of the way

117. that Facebook doesn’t fill me enough to make me abandon friends and community and real life


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