For the giver.

I haven’t been writing because I started to get the sense that I was spending my days looking for blog material instead of His gifts.  And as beautiful as all of the gifts are, I’ve heard Him calling that my focus should really be on the Giver, not the gifts themselves.

Are you one of those people that has to have the “perfect” gift?  I am.  It drives my husband bananas.  Even when it comes to weddings, I can’t just pick a random thing off of the registry.  It has to be something I connect to in some way. This time of year the need for the perfect gift can get a bit challenging/annoying/stressful.

But it has me thinking about why I like to give “perfect” gifts.  And why I’m touched when I receive them.  It becomes not so much about the gift itself – it’s being loved.  Being known.  The the giver truly “sees” something in the receiver.  As a giver, it’s not about getting credit for picking out the perfect gift – it’s wanting the receiver to know that I truly “get” them and appreciate them and love them.

It is no different with God.  His gifts are simply an expression of His love for me.  His way of reminding me that He truly knows me, loves me, and wants a close, personal relationship with me. His gifts are meant to draw us together.

I’m thankful for…

118. God who is personal.

119. the death of Christ that allows Him to see me as beautiful and perfect though I am far, far from it.

120. God who will go to great lengths to pursue me that I might see Him and have relationship with Him.


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