FMFriday:Look, but do I see?

Look. Look around you. No, not a quick glance. Really LOOK.

Do you see it? Among the messy piles of books, Halloween costumes, empty bowls of popcorn, parts of toys the dog has been chewing, the game not put away, the chair askew.

Do you see just how much you are blessed?

Children who are eager for family reading time again. (Thank you, JK Rowling.) kids who could be looking for expensive, elaborate costumes but are more excited about being animals made out of felt and hot glue. A husband who took the day off just to be with us and help with a project that wasn’t even fun.

It’s simple stuff. But it is mine, and it is beautiful. And too often I glance and see a mess. Or I look past it altogether while looking for more, something different, something better. And all I need to do is to stop – and look – and really see.


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  1. 1

    Love really looking at God’s beauty and grace through your eyes!

  2. 2

    Barbie said,

    I was just looking at all of the clutter in my house this morning, while my new puppy was chewing my son’s army man. Seriously! Thank you for giving me perspective and helping me to see beyond to all that is beautiful surrounding me.

  3. 4

    Nancy said,

    Visiting from FMF. Great reminder.

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