About me

I’m a mom.  a FAR from perfect one.  And I love Jesus.  And I’m FAR from perfect at demonstrating that.

And I’m far from a perfect, or even an everyday, writer.  But I find from time to time, God calls me to write during particular seasons.  It’s never because “I love to write” or that I think I’m particularly good at it.  Just that He unmistakably nudges me when he’s trying to teach me something in particular.

So, I’ll show up occasionally here, and share what is inspiring me.  And hope you’ll find some bit of inspiration, too.

One thing I DO dearly love is social media.  There are some FABULOUS writers out there in blog-land who inspire me and make me THINK about my role as mom, Jesus-follower, wife, etc.  So you’ll often see articles I “scoop” – things I think are worth sharing.  You can see all of my scoops here: http://www.scoop.it/t/faith-full-moms


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